RISCOS Ltd announces RISC OS 4.39 ROM sets

RISCOS Ltd is pleased to announce that a new version of RISC OS 4 ROM - version 4.39 will shortly be available to purchase.

Orders are being taken now and initial shipments of ROMs will be available at the RISC OS South West Show on Saturday 28th February.

The Select scheme has enabled us to take RISC OS development forward and we have worked hard to fit the features of the 6 MB RISC OS Select softload ROM into a standard 4 MB physical ROM. The Select scheme has added many new features to the RISC OS experience and we are now making the latest features from the Select scheme available in the new batch of ROMs.

The ROMs will be available as an upgrade for Risc PC, Kinetic and A7000/+ computers.

If you want the features of the RISC OS Select scheme without the need to softload the new ROM image, or you want the advantage of inbuilt support of DHCP networking, or the ability to boot directly from CD-ROM then the new ROMs are ideal for you.

Full details of the features of RISC OS 4.39 will be available on the RISC OS Web site over the next week.

Pricing for RISC OS 4.39 ROM sets

RISC OS 4.39 ROM set for upgrade of Risc PC / A7000 running 3.x
140 inc VAT *

RISC OS 4.39 ROM set for upgrade of Risc PC / A7000 running 4.x
125 inc VAT *

RISC OS 4.39 ROM set for subscribers of the Select scheme
105 inc VAT

Subscribers to the Select scheme may deduct a further 10 for each additional year they have been members of the scheme.
e.g a Select subscriber for 3 years pays 105 - (2 x 10) (for two additional years) = 85 inc VAT

Subscribers to the Select scheme who joined within the last 9 months will be eligible for special discounts.
Please contact us for further details.

Optionally you may part-exchange your existing RISC OS 4.02 ROM set for a further discount of 10 off the above prices.
e.g a Select subscriber for 3 years pays 105 - (2 x 10) - 10 = 75
whilst a RISC OS 4 user who part exchanges their RISC OS 4 ROM set will pay just 115.

N.B This batch of ROMs is strictly limited to a production run of 150 ROM sets.
Orders will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
The production of further ROMs will be dependent on the take-up of the main batch.

(usual dealer discounts apply to items marked *)

Standard RISC OS 4.02 ROMs will continue to be available, but will be subject to new pricing from 1st March 2004.

An advance order form for the RISC OS 4.39 ROMs is available for download from the RISCOS Ltd web site.
Follow the links at the bottom of the http://www.riscos.com home page.

Upgrade process

Users who wish to upgrade from RISC OS 4.02 to 4.39 will not be required to return their old ROM sets until they have installed the new 4.39 ROM. If the old ROMs are not returned within 28 days then the additional 10 charge will be made. The RISC OS 4.39 ROM set will be supplied on Flash ROM chips that can be upgraded to later versions as they become available. The same process will apply for future updates in that new ROMs will be despatched and the old Flash ROMs returned. If demand for RISC OS 4.39 ROMs is sufficient then we may move over to supplying RISC OS 4.39 on OTP ROMs. This will however require a substantial commitment to advance orders.


Q. Once I have upgraded to RISC OS 4.39 will I be able to revert to using RISC OS 4.02 as I currently do with RISC OS Select?
A. No. Once you have installed the RISC OS 4.39 ROM you will only be able to run RISC OS 4.39 or versions of RISC OS Select. RISC OS 4.02 will be not available as a Boot option.

Q. Will I still be able to use my RISC OS 4.02 !Boot sequence with RISC OS 4.39?
A. No. You will have to update to the new RISC OS Select style Boot sequence.

Q. Will I have to upgrade my hard disc to use the RISC OS 4 E+ disc format?
A. Yes. RISC OS 4.39 will require you to start using the new RISC OS 4 disc format, which provides long filename support and almost unlimited files in individual directories.

Q. How much memory do I need to run RISC OS 4.39?
A. 16 MB is the minimum advised, though with certain types of memory chips fitted 32 MB will need to be fitted. A bonus feature of the RISC OS 4.39 ROMs is that on many Kinetic StrongARM cards it will now be possible to use a 256 MB SO-DIMM chip on the Kinetic card along with 256 MB on the motherboard thus giving a 510MB machine.

Q. Will I still be able to install future RISC OS Select updates on top of a machine running RISC OS 4.39?
A. Yes. We still intend to develop the RISC OS Select Scheme. Future Select updates will be able to be loaded on a RISC OS 4.39 machine.

Q. I have a Virtual Acorn computer. Will I be able to use RISC OS 4.39?
A. Yes. There will be a new RISC OS 4.39 ROM image available solely for users who have registered their copy of RISC OS 4 purchased with a Virtual Acorn based product with RISCOS Ltd.

Q. Will there be a software bundle provided with RISC OS 4.39?
A. Only the standard RISC OS applications will be provided. Third party applications such as !Writer and !Vector will not be provided.

Q. Will RISC OS 4.39 be available for use with Iyonix computers.
A. Not at the present time. RISC OS 4.39 has been developed to be capable of building 32 bit compatible versions, but many of the higher level features of Select (upon which 4.39 is based) rely on low level changes to the kernel that are not currently present in the RISC OS 5 kernel and supporting modules. RISCOS Ltd is committed to making the new features of Select available to all RISC OS users but it also requires the co-operation and support of the hardware manufacturers.

 New RISC OS 4.02 pricing from 1st March 2004

Due to Postage changes and the costs of the consumables used to produce and ship RISCOS Ltd products, we have reviewed the prices of all RISC OS products. The result is that there are price changes to some products.

RISC OS 4.02 Full User Pack increases from 85 to 95

RISC OS 4.02 ROM only pack increases from 75 to 84

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