Foundation RISC User DVD Compilation Number 2 launched at RISC OS SW Show

The RISC OS Show West Show at the Webbington Hotel on Saturday 24th February 2007 saw the launch of the second edition of the Foundation RISC User DVD, now updated to include issues 1 - 20 of the magazine. Richard Hallas was the editor for these first 20 issues, and he compiled this edition before he started his studies on the History of Acorn Computers, last September.

The DVD is suitable for use on Acorn, PCs, Macs and in fact any machine capable of reading a DVD data disc - such as Virtual Acorn, Risc PC with Adjust ROMs or Select and Iyonix with CDVDBurn. All the content is HTML based, with special features available (when used on a RISC OS based computer) to allow the direct running of included software. To use the disc the computer must obviously be fitted with a DVD ROM drive and the appropriate version of RISC OS. Suitable versions include RISC OS Select 3 and RISC OS 4.39 "Adjust".

The contents of the DVD is now over 1.5 GB and as well as numerous exclusive articles, it also includes a huge selection of the most useful free RISC OS software, catalogued into easy to access sections on the DVD.

The Foundation RISC User DVD is only available direct from RISCOS Ltd.

The cost is 15 plus postage and packing (1.50 for the UK). Purchasers of the first edition of the DVD can purchase the latest edition for just 8 plus postage and packing (1.50 UK).

A suitable DVD ROM drive costs 30 plus postage and packing (4.50 UK), whilst upgrades from RISC OS 3.x or 4.0x to the latest RISC OS 4.39 ROMs cost just 75 inc postage in the UK.

Contact RISCOS Ltd for further details. Orders can be placed by sending an email to sales@riscos.com

RISC OS Select 4 Issue 1

RISCOS Ltd had hoped to have launched the first full release of Select 4 at the South West Show, but a couple of late bug discoveries, and the remnants of colds etc from Christmas meant that it was not possible.

Full details of the features present in the Preview version of Select4 are available on the RISC OS Six website at http://www.riscos6.com/

or http://select.riscos.com/RISCOS6/key.html

Orders can be placed by phone, fax or email.

Telephone orders can be placed on 02920 464020
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email orders can be sent to mailto:paul@riscos.com
 Post Orders can be sent to RISCOS Ltd, 3 Clarendon Road, Cardiff, CF23 9JD.

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