RON - RISCOS On Netbook

After much negotiation, Psion have agreed in principle to the production of RISC OS 4 for use with their netBook computers. The netBook is physically identical to the Series 7 computers which are reviewed in the final issue of Risc User magazine this month.

The series 7 comes with 16MB RAM and has EPOC32 in an internal ROM/RAM slot. The netBook comes with 32MB or 64MB RAM and has EPOC32 in a Compact Flash card. In all other respects the two machines are identical.

RISC OS 4 will probably be supplied on Compact Flash allowing users to choose between EPOC32 or RISC OS 4 on their machine. There is also a strong likelihood that IBM will produce a version of Linux for use with the netBook as well.

RISCOS Ltd will not be selling netBooks itself. They will be sold through the normal dealer channels. RISCOS Ltd will just sell "Ron" on its own.

If you want more information on the specs of the netBook take a look here (invalid link removed from document)

This is we believe a very important step for RISC OS users as it will open up many new uses for RISC OS 4.

Click here to Download Interest form for Ron.   (41K PDF)

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