18/11/16 - APDL hardware now available from RISCOS.com

Although we have been quiet over the last few months we have still been very busy. Last year we acquired a large consignment of new, refurbished and pre-owned hardware from APDL in London and before offering any for sale we wanted to make sure that everything was tested. The first items to be tested (and listed) were network interfaces which we started selling earlier in the year. Shortly afterwards we started listing serial mice that were converted for use with RISC OS computers.

It's taken a long time to test and grade the APDL hardware as everything got mixed together with good and bad components in the same box. There was no opportunity to test items whilst they were in APDL's premises as everything had to cleared in a hurry before the building was sold. For example we had a box with over 500 SIMMs all of which had to be stress testing before they could be sold. That took a long time.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been updating RISCOS.com and have listed the next batch of ex APDL hardware including memory, VRAM, storage devices and more. We've also been busy re-working the APDL hardware user manuals and the first of these are now available from the user support section of RISCOS.com.

We have also started working through APDLs software and have started with the hardware drivers. The first driver we've re-launched is for parallel port SparQ and EZ230 drives. The driver is available both on it's own or bundled with new old stock SparQ drives.

Aaron - 3QD Developments Ltd