RISC OS driver for SparQ and EZ230 driver

Suitable for RiscPC, A7000, A7000


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RISC OS driver for SparQ and EZ230

This is the same driver we supply with our parallel port SparQ drives. It will work with the SparQ and the EZ230 drives. Versions for RiscPC, A7000 and some earlier machines are included along with...

Available for immediate download - 10.00


RISC OS driver for SparQ and EZ230 Parallel port drives

If you already have a SparQ or Syquest EZ230 parallel port drive then all you need to use it on RISC OS is our driver. This driver is the same as the one we supply with our SparQ drives and includes formatting and partitioning software and a Licence for use on up to 5 computers. The software supports RISC OS 4 (or later) long filename formats.

Although designed for the SparQ it will also work with the Syquest EZ 230. It may also work with other Syquest parallel port drives but it has only been tried with the SparQ and EZ 230.

We guarantee that the software will work on any RiscPC/A7000 but there can be buffer/timing problems with a very small number (less than 1%) of A3010, A3020, A4000 or A5000 machines so we can offer absolutely no warranty with these models. Although our driver works perfectly with the vast majority of these machines there's no way of knowing if the software will work on a particular computer beforehand.

  • Software driver for SparQ and Syquest EZ230 drives.
  • Works on RiscPC, A7000 and most earlier machines with a bi-directional parallel port (A3010, A3020, A4000 and A5000).
  • Not suitable for Acorn Emulators or A305, A310, A410, A420, A440, A4, A540, R140, R225, R260 or A3000.
  • The same driver software that we supply with our new SparQ drives.

  • Manufacturer : APDL/3QD Developments Ltd
  • Type : Software download
  • Designed for : RiscPC, A7000, A7000+ (and some other RISC OS machines)
  • RISC OS version : 3.10 or later


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